(Also let's remember dysphoria is not a requirement for being trans (although most experience it in one form or another). And that some nonbinary people experience it too (like me, for example))
ANONS HAVE TO CHILL I'm 100% sure what Sarah meant by choice is that You don't have to stick to Your birth assigned gender, because gender is about how You FEEL. And it's not like You choose to be trans for fun, it means You can feel You're a boy/girl and express that freely despite Your genitals etc. Nobody is saying it's easy or not a struggle.

than k you

the worst thing is to fight/argue with me when im mostly asleep. im awake now because my dad called me help with the dog and litterally trust me when i say i have like no fuckin clue what im talking about when im near asleep. so sorry about being an unnecessary shit head


i’ll pay you $7 to have a crush on me

what genders are there other than male n female? i get not having gender tho thats rly rare

theres male female and agender?? agender isnt rare though 

what? what do you mean gender if one?

i meant what gender they are, if they have one. 

i guess i’ll do fairies later if anytone decides they want to send me any ideas for them „, im gonna lay down and write stupid fanfiction so goodnight~

i want to fill a whole page in my sketchbook with tons of tiny fairy doodles. send me an ask with a description of a tiny fairy, like what gender (if one) hair, wings, what they should be doing? i need a bunch because im in a fairy mood please help

*gasps* another sir

yes yes they are absolutely amazing 

wow that is TINY :V

i have no idea where it came from but all i know is that im in love with it